A Cut Out of Time

Every person in our family enjoyed the relaxation of this unique setting but each one discovered rooms or areas that appealed especially to them. The well-stocked playroom was a popular place and large enough to accommodate train tracks from home. Grandpa practiced saxophone and piano on the stage, was joined by the more musically inclined and drew an audience away from the pool table. Grandma enjoyed reading in the flower garden but was lured away by the children on the pirate ship and in the pool. Sitting on the deck in perfect silence in early mornings was a treat. We found several family activities and restaurants within a short driving distance but time did not allow us to do everything we had planned. Two true highlights were the visit to a sheep farm across the road and the demonstration of the collection of symphonians and antique music boxes. This demonstration was given by our charming and hospitable hostess, Jenny, who adds her own special touches to make each visit unforgettable.

Cheryl G.