About Us

Jenny and John met in 1991 while performing in Jesus Christ Superstar in Germany. John was in the pit playing his trombone and Jenny was onstage kicking her legs while making eyes at the pit.

Jenny began stage-managing in the mid-90s while John continued to play his horn in any number of bands, ensembles, records, and films. They both worked on Broadway for a number of years before deciding it was time to live in the country. (During that time, they managed to get married.)

Jenny’s parents, Robert and Karin, originally built the house in 1994 as a weekend retreat. They so loved it here that they sold their apartment in New York City, moved up here full time, and then built a massive addition in 2010. Karin was wheelchair bound as a result of her 20-year span of living with early onset Alzheimer’s, so the addition was designed while keeping her accessibility as the priority. Ramps, a handicapped shower, and no multi-leveling on the first floor made it easy to get around via wheelchair and the house remains so.

In 2006, Jenny and John made a quick and sudden decision to sell their home in Astoria, Queens and see what Vermont living was all about. They never looked back. The timing was good as Jenny ultimately cared for both her parents at the end of their lives. After Karin (1944 – 2013) and Robert (1945 – 2015) both passed away, Jenny’s father entrusted her to continue his legacy of hosting people from far and wide in his home.

In New York City, any number of people had keys to their home. It was always full of various guests, rehearsing a musical/operetta, giving a concert, or just hanging out because they had nowhere else to go for Thanksgiving. The addition to Karin’s Place was built in the same vein. Build it and they will come…

Jenny promised her dad that she would find a way to save the house. They discussed different ideas during his final days for her to honor his memory to do that. They came to one obvious conclusion: keep the house full of people and positive energy. She promised to figure out how. He said it was the best gift she could give him.

Karin and Robert were active in the Village Light Opera Group the entire 30 years they lived in New York City. Their first date while in college was a trip to the opera! The bedrooms are named after shows that Karin and Robert appeared in together during their lives.

Sadly, both Robert and Karin passed away earlier than they should have. After several different thoughts and ideas, Karin’s Place was officially born. Jenny took a leap of faith and decided to devote herself full time to this endeavor. Jenny and John have been enjoying a variety of guests ever since. Every time the house is full of happy people, Robert and Karin are surely smiling from wherever they are.

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