Karin and Robert

Robert and Karin originally built their house in Pownal in 1994 as a weekend retreat. They so loved it here that they sold their apartment in New York City, moved up here full time, and then built a massive addition in 2010. Karin was wheelchair bound, so the house was designed for her accessibility. Ramps, a handicapped shower, and no multi-leveling on the first floor make it easy to get around via wheelchair.

In New York, any number of people had keys to their loft. It was always full of various guests, rehearsing a musical/operetta, giving a concert, or just hanging out because they had nowhere else to go for Thanksgiving. The addition to Karin’s Place was built in the same vein. Build it and they will come…

Sadly, both Robert and Karin passed away. Jenny and John promised that they would continue to keep the house full and busy. Thus, Karin’s Place was born. The bedrooms are named after shows that Karin and Robert appeared in together during their lives. Every time the house is full of people, Robert and Karin are smiling from wherever they are.

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