Grand Ballroom

Karin's Place GROUNDPLANS AS OF FEB 21_Part5

North Wing 1st Floor

Ah. The Grand Ballroom. And – yes – that is a stage.

This room is a replica of the Living Room from Robert and Karin’s loft in New York City. A place where many rehearsals took place. And holidays. And parties. Pure joy. This is a wonderful room for yoga classes, meetings, fancy dinners, or watching movies on the giant drop down screen with surround sound.

The Grand Ballroom comes with renting the full house. It can also be rented on its own for an event, meeting, day classes, etc. Use your imagination and it is yours!

1600 Square Foot Room

  • Full-size drop down movie screen with surround sound and hundreds of movies/series to choose from;
  • Full set of props available for business meetings (tables, projector, internet, etc);
  • Reproducing Steinway;
  • Concert seating for up to 60 people;
  • Yoga mats;
  • Formal china for an additional rental fee

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